Moshe Szweizer and Rivka Schlagbaum


A seal submerges in deep icy waters
Not knowing what the future brings
And it emerges with a fish in tatters
Because its good fortune grins

A cheetah stretches all its claws
And looks as far as its eye can see
It misses the great time of applause
The last time the catch was to be

A deer walks in circles under an apple tree
It searches for the best fruit of them all
The outmost valuable there can be
The one that truthfully justifies the fall

A kangaroo looks down at a mushroom
The one it found between its toes
Is it good to eat to smell to groom
Or is it a source of most bitter woes

A bat binds its time in its living cave
It studies the resonance of the chamber
It contemplates a new bat's droppings grave
The new addition to the place's grandeur

A goose rests at the water's edge
It chooses what's on the day's menu
Be it an oyster just below the ledge
Or be it the juicy tassel of the venue

A weasel chews on a maple leaf
It deeply inhales the fresh aroma
And it exhales with a sigh of relief
It has earned its longevity diploma
Two slashes of objection
Message hard to believe
A personal rejection
Of future to conceive
A herald is not to blame
Perhaps he brings fame
Tribute he should receive
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Moshe Szweizer and Rivka Schlagbaum COPYRIGHT 2011. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.